Kate Middleton's Headscarf Drama
Posted on September 14,2012

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. On the day when topless pictures of Kate Middleton sent the media into a frenzy, images of Kate wearing a headscarf to visit a Mosque appear to have surprisingly provoked an equally impassioned reaction right here on the Asian Woman Facebook page.


The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton – who is currently with her husband Prince William as they complete a tour of South-East Asia – today found herself in the middle of a media frenzy, sparked off by the publication of topless photos of her by French magazine “Closer”. The snaps were taken whilst the couple were on holiday in the South of France, where they stayed at a friend’s chateau. The couple are said to be “saddened and disappointed” by both the clear invasion of privacy and the decision by Closer to publish the images.


The images are in stark contrast to other images of the Duchess that were released today – Kate kept her head high whilst carrying on with her Royal duties in South-East Asia, visiting the Assyakirin Mosque in Malaysia. In a show of respect to the Muslim religion, the Duchess wore a white headscarf to match her Beulah London dress. The couple obliged the request to take off their shoes whilst in the place of worship, which is the first Mosque they have visited as a couple.


The public response to both sets of photos have been interestingly varied; the response to the topless images have ranged from blasting the French press for such a lack of respect for the couple, to those who think that neither the images themselves nor the publication of them are wrong in any way.


What is interesting, though, is the response that the images of Kate in a headscarf have evoked; on our Facebook page alone, the image clocked up over 710 “Likes” within hours of being posted and sparked off an intense debate in the comments. From one user stating that Kate looked good “except for the hijabi head”, to another suggesting that it would be better if “some Asians could embrace England as she has embraced Malaysia”, all of which obviously provoked a few heated responses.



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